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Nasza Twórczość - Players becoming less and less creative

JonathanWilliamson - 06-04-18, 11:18
Temat postu: Players becoming less and less creative

Normally I am a player that plays for fun and doesnt really complain about other players or their playstyle, but I am loosing the fun playing Hearthstone. I dont get it why 90% of the playerbase is netdecking. Sure, it is understandable if you want to climb the ladder or have some easy wins. Most of the players would say hey go play casual, but I am only facing the same decks and it doesnt matter what mode I play. I have no idea what changed, but since Kotft I barely ever face someone with a homebrew deck. At the moment I dont even try to finish my quests, because its 0 fun. The first weeks of an expansions are the best, because there arent so many tier 1 decks available and everybode is experimenting with new cards. I am looking forward to the new expansion, but it will be the same 3 tier 1 decks after some weeks.

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